Church Outreach Assistance

The KELC youth department is often asked to assist with church outreach projects. One such projects was an Emergency Relief Intervention in partnership with Lutheran World Relief (LWR). Over the Christmas holiday in 2013, KELC partnered with LWR to distribute relief supplies to citizens of Kenya’s Tana River District. Tana River had experienced a series of ethnic clashes in August 2012. The conflict resulted in over 100 deaths and thousands of people displaced. Early the next year, as people were still recovering from the ethnic clashes, heavy rain came to the region and caused devastating floods. The flooding resulted in loss of property, farmland, animals, and severe damage to infrastructure.

KELC has several congregations in this area, and wanted to assist in relief efforts to the region. LWR has the resources and experience for this type of relief work, so KELC sought a partnership with LWR to address the needs of the people in Tana River. The relief intervention was scheduled for the end of December 2013. Since this fell during the Christmas holiday it was difficult to find people available to assist with distribution. KELC youth rose to the occasion and lead the distribution of relief items.

In the course of three days, KELC youth distributed relief items to over 10,400 people in the Tana River region. The food and household materials significantly helped the recipients to rebuild their lives and households. The recipients were very grateful for the support from LWR and KELC. The youth participants also gained valuable experience working with relief organizations and serving their fellow Kenyan’s who were in need of support.