Women’s Literacy Program

The Women’s Literacy program within the Women’s Department of KELC has been developing and progressing in recent months. In April, Magarini Parish, near Malindi in the coastal region of Kenya held a graduation for 44 people who have completed adult literacy classes and passed a government exam showing their ability to read and write. LungaLunga Parish in the South Coast region held a graduation in June for 33 people who completed adult literacy courses. Illiteracy among adults in Kenya remains a concern. According to the Kenyan government, about 25% of the female population is illiterate. The Women’s Department of KELC is committed to providing Adult Literacy classes in many congregations around the country.

The Adult Literacy Course is a two-year program where students attend classes 3 days per week and they learn to read, write, and do basic math. Although students can complete the work in 2 years, many people take several more years because of other family and community commitments. Many of the students are deeply committed to learning to read and write, and experience many benefits from their newly learned skills. Some women are able to start a small business and can be confident in managing the finances. Many graduates take pride in reading the bible during worship on Sunday. Others continue their education by study a trade, such as tailoring and dressmaking.

The program through the Women’s Department is continuing to grow and new teachers are being trained. In June, 15 new teachers attended a training seminar to learn how to teach the Adult Literacy Course. During the 3-day training, the new teachers learned the process of teaching literacy classes, developed tools to use in the classroom, and practiced their lesson plans. We are grateful for the new teachers who will be going back to their homes to continue developing and spreading the Adult Literacy Course within their communities.