KELC Gender Justice Policy 2020 Formulation Process

The Kenya Evangelical Lutheran Church (KELC) through the Women Department with the accompaniment by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) is in the process of developing a Church Gender Justice Policy. The process has been on since March 2019 and shall continue until December 2019.

It is at the public participation stage bringing on board female, male and youths of both genders in the LWF 40:40:20 quarter system of representation. As a LWF member church we are also using the 2013 LWF Gender Justice Policy as one of our resource. The participants are opinion leaders drawn from the grass-roots to share their views on the gender related issues as understood and practiced within the church and communities.

The methodology applied in the workshops is interactive meetings with the people, educating on gender justice, group discussions & interviews, listening & observation, documenting the findings, analyse and report. The program involves: Climate setting involving self introductions and getting the expectations of the participants, sharing the objectives of the workshops, introducing the Biblical and theological foundation of gender justice, educating and sensitizing all issues around gender justice at a global and domestic contexts and sharing the principles and benefits of having and practicing gender justice.

The Facilitating and moderating the process is done by a technical team led by Rev. Catherine Ngina Musau accompanied by the KELC Secretary General Rev. L. N. Mwololo, the Youth Coordinator Mr J. Kapanga and the Women Dept. Coordinator Pw. Alice Mwaringa and  others. Already done in the South Coast, North Coast and Kilimanjaro Church Districts. So far the program at the initial stage of public participation has reached more that 150 participants and targets to meet 105 people of the Central Deanery by end of July 2019.

By design the idea to train leaders is to keep the gender justice campaign an rolled out at the grass roots for ease of understanding, adoption and implementation of the gender justice policy come 2020 after its approval during this years’ KELC General Assembly in December.

We continue to appreciate  the accompaniment of the ELCA our mutual partner in mission for this process. God bless all of us.