The KELC health department focuses their outreach work on assistance to people living with HIV and AIDS. KELC has established health departments and identified community health workers at KELC congregations around the country. The main program of the KELC health department is the Sustainable Livelihood Support Project.

The Sustainable Livelihood Support Program was started in August 2014 to help improve the living conditions of people affected by HIV and AIDS. The program has four main focuses:

  1. Identify and train community health workers in the areas of counseling, home-based care, treatment of HIV and AIDS related cases, government strategy on HIV and AIDS prevention and care, recordkeeping, follow-up, and referrals mechanisms.
  2. Equip people living with HIV or AIDS and widows with basic technical skills through short courses so as to build their capacity to enable them to earn a living.
  3. Improve nutritional status of people living with HIV and AIDS by providing food for those under medication and in critical conditions to avoid early death.
  4. Enable orphans and vulnerable children access to care and to gain acceptance to the community by linking them to church care and support groups and enroll them back in school.

This program is still in the infancy stage, but important projects have already been completed and more support is planned for the future. Our church believes outreach to people living with HIV and AIDS is an important ministry and we plan to continue supporting this community through the Sustainable Livelihood Support Program.