Professional Networking

The director of the Diakonia Department has been engaging partners in Kenya and internationally to strengthen the resources and knowledge base of KELC outreach opportunities.

ACT Alliance

ACT Alliance is a network of churches and other associated organizations working together to create positive, sustainable change in the lives of poor and marginalized people around the world. ACT Alliance in Kenya focuses in several areas of development and helps to connect churches in the country to work together to create positive change in the country. KELC is especially active in the Emergency Aid working group with ACT Alliance. Emergency aid has become more important to KELC members, as many congregational areas are affected by natural disasters and political instability. Working with this network of churches has increased KELC’s capacity to respond to the needs of our church members.


Lutheran World Federation and KELC’s diakonia department have partnered to address the issues of contingency planning, disaster preparedness, and risk reduction. In December 2014, KELC welcomed LWF facilitators from Geneva, Switzerland for a workshop on the topic of contingency planning and disaster preparedness. KELC workers from the diakonia committee, pastors, youth representatives, and head office staff gathered for 3 days of learning, discussion, and planning methods in which KELC can alleviate disasters and respond more quickly and affectively to emergencies. This partnership with LWF helps KELC to build the capacity of our church leaders and institute plans to better serve our church members and communities.