Congregational Outreach

Tana River Farm Project

The Diakonia committee from the Salama parish in Tana River is poised to begin a farm livelihood project in the beginning of 2015. Two acres of land has been reserved and developed to begin planting food crops at the beginning of the growing season in February. Water irrigation systems have been installed, and workers are preparing the land to planting. The committee plans to employ up to 10 people, at different times during planting, cultivating, and harvesting seasons. Over the long term, the diakonia committee at Salama is planning to identify and acquire up to 50 hectres of land to expand their farm project. With more land, they will be able to support more people and increase their income, which can be used for other diakonia projects in the future.

Early Childhood Education in Malindi

The Magarini parish has proposed a project to support the establishment of several early childhood education centers in their community. These centers would be created to support orphans and vulnerable children in the area. There are few resources for childhood education in this area of Kenya, so the diakonia department is looking into the best options for supporting this project and aiding vulnerable children in the area.

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