KELC Youth Rally 2016

This month KELC held a church-wide Youth Rally in Malindi from August 24th to the 27th. Over 300 young people from all over KELC attended the rally. The theme was based on the Bible verse from Hebrews 12:14, which says, “Make every effort to live in peace with everyone and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord.”

Over the course of the 4 days, the young people sang, worshiped, learned, and lived together. The rally was held at a secondary school in Malindi, which could accommodate all the youth for sleeping, eating, and gathering for the seminar sessions.

In keeping with the theme of pursuing peace, many of the seminar sessions focused on creating and maintaining peaceful communities. Radicalization and extremism are affecting many communities in Kenya. The youth reported conflicts between tribes, religions, and political groups within their communities. Together they learned how to recognize and resist radicalization. As Kenya enters into a national election next year, it is vital for young people to recognize their role in maintaining peace. After the discussions and presentations, the participants reported they felt more equipped to see signs of radicalization and extremism, and they are prepared to work against these negative forces.

On the last evening, the youth relaxed and had fun by holding a talent showcase. There were many performances of singing and dancing, and the night ended with the selection of Mr. and Miss KELC- 2016.

We are grateful to God for this wonderful event and for all the dedicated youth of our church. We pray the youth will return to their congregations with refreshed and renewed energy and that they will continue the discussions started at the Youth Rally.

Youth Sunday 2016

Youth Sunday 2016

On the first Sunday of August, KELC celebrated Youth Sunday. Our churches were filled with young people leading worship, singing and dancing, performing plays, and worshiping God. The youth of KELC are very active and a vital part of our congregations. We welcome the opportunity to highlight their work and their dedication to our church. Check out the pictures below to see the different ways that KELC Youth Sunday was celebrated in our congregations.


Youth Volunteer Opportunity!

Attention KELC Youth! We have an excellent opportunity to volunteer with our partner church in Germany. If you are an active KELC youth, between ages 22 to 30, with experience in informal social work or educational work, please consider this opportunity. If you are interested in applying for this volunteer position, please contact your pastor or the Youth Department at the KELC Head Office. The deadline for applications is 30 September 2015, so please act fast!

Water Tanks Provide Clean Water in Naserian Mission

A young girl in Emart, Naserian Mission holding bottle from the two sources of water in the area. The small bottle in her right hand is from a man-made water-collection pond. The larger bottle in her left hand is from the water tanks provided by KELC. The water from the KELC tanks is much cleaner and free of water-borne disease.

Water is essential to life. Unfortunately in certain parts of Kenya, access to clean and safe drinking water is unavailable. In several KELC communities drinking water is not accessible, so people spend several hours, walking long distances to find clean drinking water. The distance and time required to fetch water is a considerable burden to these families. In some places, people walk several kilometers to fetch water, but the water is dirty and unsafe for drinking. The only option they have for water is from man-made collection ponds, which are contaminated with agriculture and livestock run-off, as well as bacteria and parasites.

KELC is motivated to assist our members who have little or no access to safe, clean drinking water. Last year the KELC Youth Department donated four rainwater collection tanks to congregations in Naserian Mission in Southeast Kenya. The water tanks collect rainwater during the rainy season and then the water can be used during the lengthy dry season.

Recently, a group from KELC Head Office traveled to Naserian Mission to assess the impact of the water tanks and discuss the future of the program with congregation members. During the evaluation, church members sang the praises of their water tanks. People reported that water-borne diseases were drastically reduced, and the health of their children had improved. Women discussed their relief that they no longer spend many hours of their day walking long distances to fetch water. They can now use their time on more valuable tasks, such as childcare, household maintenance, and personal hobbies.

Furthermore, the water tanks have become a small income-generating project for the congregations. Through the small fee for filling a jug of water, congregations are able to pay for maintenance on the tank, and many congregations have improved the structure of their church building with the profit from their water tank. Some congregations mentioned plans to save the profit from their water tank to purchase a second tank, which will help them to supply surrounding communities with clean, safe drinking water.

The water tank project has been a success for these congregations in Naserian Mission. KELC is thankful to be able to serve our congregations in their quest to find safe sources of drinking water. We pray that we will be able to continue this program and expand the number of water tanks in our congregations so that all of our members will have reliable access to drinking water.