LWF Seminar on Emergency Disaster Response

LWF Seminar on Emergency Disaster Response

LWF Seminar on Emergency Disaster Response

Written by: Hammerton Katana

The workshop held on 20/09/16 to 23/09/16 at Nairobi KELC head office. It had people from the areas which are likely to have disaster in Kenya. There were 33 participants. Represented areas were: Magarini, Lungalunga, Makindu, Garsen, Singwaya, Mombasa, Voi, Olkeria, Pokot, Mutyambua, Hola/Wenje, Salama, Malindi, Kajiando, Ukambani, Loitoktok, Marafa, KELC head office, and Kambu.

The chief guest was Madam Ann Wangari from Lutheran World Federation. who did her best in all the three days. The main objectives of the seminar was:

  1. A coming together of the people from the areas where there is high chances of calamities.
  2. To strengthen the capacity of Act Alliance.

Areas which were discussed and clarified by Madam Wangari were:

  1. Emergency result response strategy
  2. Act alliance
  3. Quality and accountability
  4. Psychosocial in emergencies
  5. Protection in Humanitarian Aid work










Because of time, what was delivered was the basic of it, where the teacher (Ann Wangari) suggested for another seminar for many days, so the teachings could be more effective. And also the same group should be back not another people.

Lastly, we were introduced to contingency planning, which seems to be a bit tiresome. In groups we prepared the plan and we made it. It was a good experience and learning. Everyone who participated promised to bring a change in their respective areas. Evaluation of the whole seminar was 80% good.