Training Teachers for Literacy Education

KELC’s Adult Literacy program is continuing to grow and develop. Last week, 17 new teachers attended a week-long training seminar to learn teaching skills and classroom management tools that they can use when teaching literacy classes in their communities. According to UN statistics, about 28% of Kenyan adults are illiterate. Adults who are unable to read or write often face discrimination, have difficulty finding and maintaining employment, and are not able to participate fully in church and community activities. In keeping with KELC’s mission to ensure abundant life for all people, our church has been offering literacy classes in many of our parishes and communities for many years.

The seminar was led by trainers from Partners in Literacy Ministries (PLM). PLM, in partnership with Literacy & Evangelism International, has developed a comprehensive teaching and learning plan for effective, culturally sensitive adult literacy education. During the seminar, participants learned methods for teaching adults to read and write, ways to motivate students, how to maintain class attendance, and tools to incorporate faith into literacy education. Teachers were given detailed lesson plans to use in their literacy classes, and they were instructed on how to make learning materials, such as diagrams and flashcards.

The new teachers are from 5 different parishes within in the coastal region of Kenya. The newly trained teachers will be able to start several literacy education classes, which will teach hundreds of people to read and write. Many of our congregations have felt the positive impact of literacy education in the past years, and we are grateful for the opportunity to grow the program to reach more people. We thank God for the gifts these new teachers will bring to their communities and we wish continued blessings for all teachers and students in KELC’s literacy program.

Youth Volunteer Opportunity!

Attention KELC Youth! We have an excellent opportunity to volunteer with our partner church in Germany. If you are an active KELC youth, between ages 22 to 30, with experience in informal social work or educational work, please consider this opportunity. If you are interested in applying for this volunteer position, please contact your pastor or the Youth Department at the KELC Head Office. The deadline for applications is 30 September 2015, so please act fast!