KELC Operation Kujitegema

KELC Operation Kujitegemea (KOK) is a program of the church to become self-reliant. Instead of depending on outside sources of income, KELC will become self-sufficient through the offering support of our congregation members. As a new program, KOK is still in the formation stage. We are currently identifying local church supporters from each of KELC’s parish and mission areas, who will contribute toward the KOK fund. These supporters will be fully informed about the financial status of KELC and will be invited to participate in forums about financial issues facing our church. These supporters will be able to educate others in their parish about the importance of a self-reliant church to encourage more members to support the financial needs of KELC.

We believe this is an important process for KELC to become less dependent on outside partners for the functioning of our church. Through God’s guidance and member support of KOK, KELC will continue on our mission to ensure abundant life for all people.