KELC Youth Rally 2016

This month KELC held a church-wide Youth Rally in Malindi from August 24th to the 27th. Over 300 young people from all over KELC attended the rally. The theme was based on the Bible verse from Hebrews 12:14, which says, “Make every effort to live in peace with everyone and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord.”

Over the course of the 4 days, the young people sang, worshiped, learned, and lived together. The rally was held at a secondary school in Malindi, which could accommodate all the youth for sleeping, eating, and gathering for the seminar sessions.

In keeping with the theme of pursuing peace, many of the seminar sessions focused on creating and maintaining peaceful communities. Radicalization and extremism are affecting many communities in Kenya. The youth reported conflicts between tribes, religions, and political groups within their communities. Together they learned how to recognize and resist radicalization. As Kenya enters into a national election next year, it is vital for young people to recognize their role in maintaining peace. After the discussions and presentations, the participants reported they felt more equipped to see signs of radicalization and extremism, and they are prepared to work against these negative forces.

On the last evening, the youth relaxed and had fun by holding a talent showcase. There were many performances of singing and dancing, and the night ended with the selection of Mr. and Miss KELC- 2016.

We are grateful to God for this wonderful event and for all the dedicated youth of our church. We pray the youth will return to their congregations with refreshed and renewed energy and that they will continue the discussions started at the Youth Rally.

Youth Sunday 2016

Youth Sunday 2016

On the first Sunday of August, KELC celebrated Youth Sunday. Our churches were filled with young people leading worship, singing and dancing, performing plays, and worshiping God. The youth of KELC are very active and a vital part of our congregations. We welcome the opportunity to highlight their work and their dedication to our church. Check out the pictures below to see the different ways that KELC Youth Sunday was celebrated in our congregations.


Cancer Screenings at Women’s Health Seminars

Cancer Screenings at Women’s Health Seminars

Women’s health is an important topic about which many of KELC’s women’s groups have requested to receive more educational seminars. The Women’s Department has endeavored to educate women about their health and their access to health care in many different areas of Kenya, covering many different topics within women’s health. During the second week of April, the Women’s Department continued their efforts to share information about women’s heath by holding seminars in Taveta Parish, Timbila Parish, and Kitobo Mission to educate women about cancer, especially breast cancer and cervical cancer.

The local hospital administrator in Taveta said that non-communicable diseases, like cancers, heart disease, or diabetes, have become more prevalent in the area. Currently non-communicable diseases are affecting more people than communicable disease, however most people in the area are not going to the clinic or hospital for diagnosis or treatment of their illness. The Taveta hospital staff were happy to partner with our churches in the area to educate women about health issues and to provide screening for cancer.

In each of the three location of KELC parishes, participants were invited to a two-day seminar to receive educational training about symptoms of cancer, methods for doing home self-screening for breast cancer, the importance of maintaining good hygiene, and what to do if you become ill. On the second day of the seminar, all participants visited a local nurse who performed screening for breast cancer and cervical cancer. The health care professionals also answered health questions that the women participants might have, regarding themselves or their family’s health.

Over 250 women participated in the three seminars and all were examined for signs of cancer. Nearly all women who were screens were found to have no sign of cancer. For those few who were found to have indicators of either breast or cervical cancer, they were referred to the local hospital in Taveta for further testing and examination.

During the seminars, there were also sessions about women’s leadership, creating a vision and mission for your work and family, and the role of women in society and the church. The women were very happy to have the opportunity to learn more about heath care, leadership training, and empowerment topics.

We are thankful for the success of this program, and we continue to pray for women’s education and for the good health of all people.

School is in Session!

School is in Session!

Classes have begun at the PLCC School in Ongata Rongai. In the October issue of The Messenger, we highlighted the new school building and innovative teaching style to be used in the classroom of the PLCC school. The school opened its first term in January and classes are now successfully running using the innovative MultiGradeMultiLevel (MGML) Methodology.

Nine of PLCC’s girls are attending the school. The students selected for the school are girls who had difficulties succeeding and progressing in the Kenyan schools. The smaller class size, as well as the MGML style have allowed the girls to receive more specialized teacher instruction at a more adaptable learning pace in a supportive learning environment.

Although the school is only 2 months old, the teachers are already seeing progress in the students. The girls are more comfortable and secure in the familiar setting of PLCC, they are receiving more assistance and support from teachers, and they are able to work at their own pace and grade level. For all of these reasons, the teachers are seeing development and progress in the students’ learning.

We ask you to join us in praying for the students and teachers of the school. As the school continues to develop and grow, we pray that the students will learn and progress, that the teachers will continue to enrich the lives of the students and feel gratified in their profession, and that all the girls of PLCC will experience happiness and success while living and learning at PLCC.

The KELC Calendar Is Available Online

The KELC Calendar is available online in PDF format. The Calendar is a great resource for the church. The Calendar includes meeting dates, liturgical calendar, and information on all parishes and missions. To access the PDF, click the picture below.

The KELC Calendar is a useful tool for all things KELC. In the calendar you will find a schedule of meetings, retreats, and seminars for the year. There is a list of all parishes and missions, as well as a complete list of Bible readings for each day of the year. Please click on the picture to download a PDF version of the 2016 KELC Calendar.
The KELC Calendar is a useful tool for all things KELC. In the calendar you will find a schedule of meetings, retreats, and seminars for the year. There is a list of all parishes and missions, as well as a complete list of Bible readings for each day of the year. Please click on the picture to download a PDF version of the 2016 KELC Calendar.